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Purchase Orders, Demand Forecasting and More


Know what to order & when

Spend less time worrying about what to purchase.

Reduce guess work

Stocky gives you purchase order suggestions based on recent product performance or seasonality.

Easy purchase orders

Create purchase orders with your suppliers and vendors. Once you receive your stock, Stocky can automatically update Shopify.

Syncs with Shopify

Stocky will keep all of your products in sync with Shopify so no need to manually import your products.

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Purchase Orders

With Stocky you can create purchase order for your vendors and suppliers in just a few clicks.

Stocky will also help you decide which supplier needs most urgent attention.

You can use order suggestions based on variant performace which can be done by analysis of recent or seasonal sales data.

Once your new stock arrives at your store you can sync your Shopify stock levels.

Low Stock Reports

Once Stocky knows the lead time for each of your vendors & suppliers it can give you warnings based on the current rate of sales. If it looks like a variant is going to run out of stock before you have time to reorder.

The low stock report lists variants by lost revenue so you know which is the most important to reorder.

If you have a limited ordering budget, you can see which vendors require the most urgent reordering by viewing lost revenue per vendor.

Sale Item Suggestions

Stocky can help you release cash which is tied up by products that don't sell. Using the sale suggestions page you can see the depletion time for each variant and how much value each variant is worth.

Using this information allows you to target the best products to put on sale, use for giveaways and gifts.

ABC Analysis

Once per day Stocky will grade each of your variants A, B, C or U.

This will help you decide which products are worth reordering and which are taking up valuable storage space and cash!

A grade products account for 80% of your revenue and are typically only 20% of your product range so these are your most important products, B grade is the next most important and C grade is probably not worth ordering again.

Products will be given a U grade if Stocky has less 8 weeks worth of sale data for this product.

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  • Up to 100 products
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  • 6,000 to 10,000 products
  • Up to & including Shopify Plus
  • 50 users


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  • 10,000 to 100,000 products
  • Up to & including Shopify Plus
  • 100 users



  • 100,000+ products
  • Up to & including Shopify Plus
  • Unlimited users

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What our users are saying

Stocky is exactly what we have been missing in Shopify. The suggested orders are almost always spot on which helps us plan our orders. But the best thing is the Purchase Order system. It gives us the control and overview we need. And the most time-saving feature is that when receiving an order it syncs the inventory in Shopify - AWESOME!

Kim Eriksen From